TeamView® Application Suite



A group of service applications that ensures optimum working conditions for the employees representing the company to its customers at central positions in the organisation and provides other employees with productivity-enhancing tools, thus ensuring that the entire organisation is capable of providing professional interfacing and service to customers and partners when they contact the company and its employees.

TeamView® Application Suite is tightly integrated with leading Unified Communication solutions from vendors like Avaya, Aastra, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Innovaphone and Microsoft as well as with the office systems, communications services and central databases that the company’s employees use in their daily work.


Seen across the board holds the professional solutions essentially the same technical functionality, yet with large variations in the way things are done. TeamView® application Suite belongs in this connection in the top because of the particular focus on endusers. It should also be noted that the suite of principle do not put any restrictions on the number of users.

Design and accessibility 

At this point comes TeamView® application Suite into a superb first place. The suite appears in pure Scandinavian design, and all applications are intuitive – that means extremely easy to learn and apply - and comfortable to work. Access to easily understandable educational material which at short tutorial brings the enduser enough knowledge to be able to use the applications.


TeamView® application Suite is a professional, international-oriented solution that functionally and economically belongs to the best end of the scale. When adding that the suite is unique and without competition when it comes to design and usability, so this is a very attractive solution that satisfies the company's strategists, finance people and especially all the users.


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