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Here under related company: Scantalk GmbH.

Legal, Fair and Transparrency

We registar you personal contacts in order to fulfill and service i) the delivery of Software License to the business where you are employed Ii) the business relation to the company where you are employed. We do this acordingly to EU2016/679 Article 6,1B.

You can always, but no more than once a month, contact us on the above e-mail to get information about what we have registerede about you.

Collection of data

We collect personal data in form of basic business information when you:

  • Give us your contact information: as a businesscard, in an e-mail, or a media where you specific gives us your contact details.
  • Give us contact informtion in order to fullfill an agreement.
  • Call us we keep information about your phonecall for statistics purpose.
  • Registar on our website for access to download of our software.
  • When it is needed to process an financial or another legal bound transaction.
  • When your employeer gives us your contact details in order to fullfill our obligation to your employeer.


We process personal data in form of basic contact information. We only process special data where it is a legal requirement or as a part of an employee agreement.

Rights, Correction, Updated and Deletion.

We will no more than once a year send you a request to update your personal data, when we do so you will also have the option to get any data removed that are false and that we are not bound to keep for a legal purpose.

  • E-mail will be deleted after 2 years.
  • Phonestatistics will be deleted after 1 year.
  • WEB users will be deleted after 1 year inactivity and before 2 years of inactivity.
  • License agreements will only be deleted on request where there are no active Software Assurance.
  • Financial statements will be keept for atleast 5 years and will only be removed on request.
  • Employee contracts will be deleted one year after last active year.
  • Contact information will be deleted on request if legal possible.


All employees and external consultants has signed a silency agreement as a part of their contract to secure your personal data. All sub contractors has signed an dataprocessor agreement before getting access to personal data.

Transfer to 3rd party

We may transfer your personal data for marketing purpose to 3rd party. this will only be with:

  • Google Analytics: anonymised website analytics – based in the EEA and US - without your concent
  • MailChimp: email marketing – based in the US - with your concent

Personal data can be transferede to a 3rd party as a part of a merger or accusition. Personal data will be transfered to a 3rd party if this is apart of a legal bound action from an athority e.g. a data crime investiation.

We might receive your personal data for marketing purpose as a part of a sponsorship of an event for marketing purpose. We will treat these information accordingly to the concent you have given. This could be that we send you a few e-mails about what you can experience and as a followup information.

We might receive personal data as a part of a service request these will be deleted as soon as the investigation has finished. Personal data should only be transfered if there is a valid data processor agreement. If there is no dataprocessor agreement data should only be send anonymified. The sender has the responsibility to ensure that personal data is secure while transfered to us this can be done with encrypting data.

We should not under any circumstance recieve any special personal data from a 3rd party unless this is legally required. If we receive Special Personal data these will be deleted as soon a we experience this.


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Changes to Policy

It might be nessesary for us to update our policy. Please keep your selves updated about our policy by cheching this link from time to time.

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