Support for OpenAPI on AVAYA IP Office 10.1

on Wednesday, 26 July 2017. Posted in Unified Communication Categorie

TeamView Status Server 3.0 Release notification

Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner

We are proud to announce that we have sucessfully finished the implementation of support for OpenAPI on AVAYA IP Office 10.1. TeamView Status Server Version 3.0 is backward compatible with TeamView Unified Operator version 1.2 and 2.0 and TeamView Office Manager 2.1.

The new interface opens up for improved support for multi-site implementations. With the new interface, it is no longer necessary to have a local status server since the solution now can connect with up to 64 servers from one site and you can save installation time and Windows licenses.

This is the first step with the new interface and in the next release 3.1 we will also be able to present OneX Portal presence.

The new version 3.0 (special in the bundle package with PostgreSQL) the installation time is reduced since the longtime with installing TAPI.

Contact your local partner for an upgrade. For Resellers contact our support or sales to try out the new interface.



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