Avaya DevConnect compliance testing with Avaya IP Office Server Edition Release 9.1

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Currently, only two companies in Scandinavia has been certified by Avaya to deliver software for IP Office 9.1 Server Edition and only Scantalk is able to combine several switches at the same time. The TeamView Unified Operator application is fully compat

Avaya DevConnect compliance testing with Avaya IP Office Server Edition Release 9.1

Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner

Scantalk’s TeamView Unified Operator, version is the second product in Scandinavia, to complete a successful Avaya DevConnect compliance testing with Avaya IP Office Server Edition Release 9.1. Giving You the ability to create customized customer configurations, an unlimited number of switches and stations, as well as combining the Server Edition with the IP 500


Unlimited number of switches and stations
By offering, Your customers a certified IP Office Console from Scantalk, You’ll be able to customize any solutions needed at the location. Due to the fact, that the IP Office Console works perfectly with any platform, regardless if it's a IP Gateway 500 V2 or a virtual server addition, or even a combinations of those two. Thereby giving customers the ability to have, an unlimited number switches and combine unlimited combination opportunities.

Compare & Combine
TeamView Unified Operator console helps businesses improve their overall customer service and lower their customer handling costs. The application is, now rated by Avaya for compatibility, which means that the solution is tested and certified by Avaya, to ensure Your customers full compatibility as well as increasing Your customers safety measures. The major diversity in Scantalk’s product compared to the competitors is that, it allows You to combine the customer needs without having to worry about complications.

  • Tested and certified applications by Avaya
  • Works perfectly with both Server Edition and IP 500
  • Unlimited number of switch servers and stations
  • Combine the Server Edition and the IP 500, regardless to the switch server
  • Reduce costs and increase your productivity

Scantalks Certification Milestone
Scantalk was first officially recognized as a compatible 3rd party unified communication solution by Avaya back in 2007. Since then Scantalk has scrutinized, more than five tests, all with great success. Always trying to, provide the customers with the best compatible and greatest software consoles for Avaya platforms.

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